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SJEJA travels to Nairobi, Kenya to participate in the World Social Forum 2007

Four members of the South Jersey Environmental Justice Alliance traveled to the World Social Forum in Kenya to present workshops on environmental justice issues, such as the dumping of toxins in low income communities of color and the struggles of agricultural farm workers in New Jersey.

They developed contacts and promised to shared information with people facing similar issues in very different parts of the world. For example, one of the outcomes is that CATA staff is translating pesticides labels from Chinese to English that South African farm workers can read the instructions. Learning how important school supplies were to children in Kenya, Olga Pomar sent a package of school supplies to Nairobi.

Being part of the World Social Forum was an rich, rewarding, and unforgettable experience. All our SJEJA participants agreed with Nelson Carrasquillo’s observation: “The opportunity to witness and understand the aspirations of people from other countries provided us with the opportunity to appreciate ourselves differently.”

The media reported that more than 70,000 participants came together in Nairobi. They were nuns, slum dwellers, academics, activists, Nobel Prize winners, students, trade unionists, NGO staffers and government officials including Kenneth Kaunda, the former President of Zambia among the more than 1,400 participating organizations from 110 countries. (Alternet)
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SJEJA Presenters:
R. Mongaliso Davis, Eleanor Vine, Nelson Carrasquillo, Olga Pomar

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