Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection (University of Texas at Austin)
This is a website which puts health, environmental and other social justice issues into a geographical context. Includes Online Maps of Current Interests, such as Avian Flu, Darfur, Hurricane Katrina or the French Riots, as well as Online Maps of General Interests. This site is the gateway to finding information on over 8 million volumes in our collections as well as accessing online maps, images, databases, e-journals, e-books, news sources, and government information.

Global Health Atlas (WHO)
The WHO’s Communicable Disease Global Atlas is bringing together for analysis and comparison standardized data and statistics for infectious diseases at country, regional, and global levels. (GIS format)
Choose communicable diseases, human resources, and noncommunicable diseases.

Camden, NJ – Neighborhood Map

Camden, NJ Street Map with Petty Island

i-Map NJDEP is an environmental mapping tools that can provide you with information about your neighborhood, county, or state (NJ). With this easy-to-use application, users can view and query the best of the NJDEP’s Geographic Information System (GIS) data. Homeowners can find out what’s in their backyard; environmental organizations, planners, realtors, and builders can identify open space, various regulatory boundaries, sensitive lands, watersheds, and much, much more. GIS data is accessed in “data layers” in the i-MapNJ DEP application. In the February 2007 release of i-MapNJ DEP, there are over 50 GIS layers.

NJPIRG – Toxic Pollution in NJ